Education Technologies I Will Use

Currently I am enrolled in a course called Intro to Technology in Education at Red River College. I have encountered many new technologies that can be used in a variety of ways. Some of them could be used for specific learning outcomes, but others would be useful over the length of the courses. I will describe three of the latter:

1. Back Channel

A back channel, such as TodaysMeet, is a private chat room that students can interact with the teacher or fellow students without disturbing the whole class. This is also good for students who are too shy to ask questions in front of the class. I would instruct the students to use their student number instead of their name to ensure it is safe for everyone to use. Personal electronic devices are required for everyone to participate.

2. Course Website

A course website service, such as Wikispaces, is a necessity in today’s connected classroom. It provides a central location for all pertinent information that students need to be successful in a course. I would fill it with daily news items, course outlines, assessment details and dates, reminders, tutorials, and additional resources. There is no end to what information that can be included in a course website.

3. Online Video Database

An online video database, such as Youtube, is great for storing video tutorials or student animations. It is available anywhere there is an internet connection and it eliminates the need for local file storage. I would embed useful videos in my presentations, on my course websites and encourage students to do the same. I also won’t be able to resist using humorous videos for focusing events.

All three of these technologies would be used mostly for general purposes to aid in teaching. They may also serve to enhance specific learning outcomes, but I expect these to be staple resources throughout my teaching.


3 thoughts on “Education Technologies I Will Use

  1. I have found the back channel to be VERY helpful during class as a way to “pass notes” between students. Unlike the old paper-airplane note tho, TodaysMeet has been great for passing information back and fourth which is on-topic and helpful to my learning.


  2. I really enjoyed your blog less. So often as instructors we have this preconceived idea as to how we think the class should go. We have curriculum that needs to be presented in a certain amount of time or in a specific order. Sometimes I walk away from a class feeling like I haven’t done what I needed to in that allotted time. I like the idea that the students are actually in charge of their own learning by using their creativity and thought process to manage what needs to be learned. The term unleashed seems almost wild… or that anything might go. That’s exciting as it allows a less rigid environment and possibly more meaningful learning. I also love the activity that you encourage your Sunday school kids to do. The platform for that is perfect… teaching kindness and respect towards one another.

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